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A Compassionate Team

JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square

Today, we’re proud to share the story a few compassionate associates and the impact they had on a special guest who was faced with a stressful and potentially tragic family situation while staying at our property.

“My husband and I are presently staying at the JW Marriott in San Francisco. We arrived here on Wednesday June 14 from Long Island, NY, because of a family emergency and we are still here 15 days later.

Our youngest daughter, who is 34 years old, and is married with 2 young children, had been airlifted from Monterey to UCSF because of a cerebral aneurysm. We jumped on a plane and came here with just the clothes on our back. During the 15 days that we have been here, the staff at this hotel has been extremely supportive and caring.

Our other 3 children (who came from VT, CO and NY) came and went during the first week and the staff here has helped us in everything that we needed. They have listened when we needed to talk, they have been quiet when we did not want to talk, and they have helped and supported us through our ordeal.

The bellmen have come to our rescue when my husband needed to get in and out of car service and Uber when we went back and forth to UCSF everyday (my husband is currently using crutches).

This letter is just to tell you how impressed with the staff at this hotel. Whoever has trained them and whoever has chosen this special staff needs to be commended for their choices. There are too many names to name. Kyle has always come to check on us every time he’s seen us. Josh sent us the first cheese platter to our room when we arrived back to the hotel late and had no energy to go down to eat. The housekeeping, front staff, and others have sent us fruit platters as well. We will never forget what this staff has done.

Now, 13 days post-op and still in the ICU, our daughter is finally starting to come around after many problems. She got out of bed today and walked. We are joyous tonight that she is finally moving forward and we are hoping this continues. I am sure you know that not everyone stays here for happy vacations or business meetings, and sometimes people need to be taken care of. Your wonderful staff at this hotel has done this for us and we are forever grateful!”

We do all that we can to make each of our guests’ experiences memorable. In this situation, small gestures and things that we do normally, for all of our guests, made the biggest of differences. We are so proud of our caring associates and we are reminded by them and this story that we have a chance to make a positive impact on our guests every single day.