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Your 2017 YCI Program Graduates

Costa Rica Marriott

An essential pillar of Marriott is to serve our world. For the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose, a big part of their service is dedicated to educating local youths. Every year, partnering with the Youth Career Initiative, the property takes on a group of underprivileged local youths as interns and prepares them for their career that lies ahead.

The six-month program teaches these young adults—ages 16 to 18—all about the hospitality industry by rotating them through various departments and sharing lessons on things like Labor law and Human Trafficking Avoidance. More importantly, this program prepares them for a career, in general, through resume-building classes and interview preparation.

This year’s group graduated eight members, with graduates often offered full-time employment opportunities depending on availability. Congrats to this year’s graduates and good luck with your next step!