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A Fruitful Harvest

Bridgewater - On Behalf of the NJ Business Council

It’s easy to donate food to those less fortunate, but Marriott’s New Jersey Business Council went beyond donating food – they gave their time and their . In late July, in Pittstown, NJ, they volunteered at America’s Grow-a-Row, a nonprofit that grows and harvests fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables that are donated to those facing hunger throughout the state.

The Business Council planted 4,512 cabbage plants, which will ultimately yield 22,560 pounds (90,240 servings) of nutrient-rich cabbage that will reach the plates of those in need when it is harvested this fall. In total, the organization will donate more than 1.2 million pounds of produce this year.

This is the fourth year the Business Council has planted and picked vegetables at the farm, with 20 associates participating in this year’s event. It’s amazing how much one day of hard work can produce for those less fortunate in New Jersey.

Great job NJ Business Council! Thank you for continuing to serve your community and embodying Marriott’s core values.