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A Lesson in Chocolate

Marriott Suites Pune

Marriott Suites Pune in India, in association with the Social for Action Foundation, recently hosted a fundraising workshop to help less-fortunate, local families from Maharashtra. At the workshop, 40 patrons learned about the health benefits of eating chocolate and were introduced to several chocolate-y recipes including cookies, hot chocolate, cake, and ganache.

The extravagant two-hour workshop on the art of baking with chocolate was hosted by renowned Pastry Chef Vikas Bagul at Marriott Suites Pune’s Oak Lounge. Chef Vikas Bagul has the honor of being an integral part of the ‘Skill India’ initiative—a campaign that aims to train various skills to more than 400 million people in India by 2022—so this was an incredible platform for him to pass some of his skills onto others.

The workshop was a hit, for everyone! The patrons were thrilled to learn from a renowned chef and took home many of Chef Bagul’s favorite chocolate-based recipes. In addition to a fun event with a stellar turnout, some local press picked up the story and  helped promote the Social for Action Foundation.

Due to the success of the workshop, the property is planning to host similar fundraising events on a quarterly basis. Get an exclusive look at the chocolate-filled highlights here!