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A Waffle House

Marriott Executive Apartments Downtown Abu Dhabi

No matter where or when you travel, associates of Marriott International want you to have a taste of home. Associates of the Marriott Executive Apartments Downtown Abu Dhabi wanted to do something special for a long-stay guest, who would be celebrating her birthday at the hotel.

However, Chef John, Chef Shirley, and the Kuzbara restaurant team decided to go above and beyond a conventional birthday cake. The associates remembered that the guest had expressed how waffles always reminded her of her home and mother, and decided to create an untraditional birthday surprise: a birthday waffle house.

The guest was shocked that the associates remembered this detail she had shared in passing to make her birthday memorable while she was away from home. The guest took a picture with the team and her waffle house, and shared the special moment with her family and friends back home.

This birthday waffle house is one example of the many ways associates work to create personal and unforgettable experiences for their guests.