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Above and Beyond: Carolyne and Krishna’s Story

Marriott Hotel Al Forsan Abu Dhabi

Associates of Marriott International recognize that when guests travel, they often leave loved ones behind – even ones with fur! During a recent stay, an extended-stay guest at the Marriott Hotel Al Forsan in Abu Dhabi mentioned how he would soon be traveling back home just to check on his four cats.

It was clear to Carolyne and her fellow associates that the guest loved and missed his cats very much, so she decided to work with the pastry chef Krishna to create a special treat, specifically for the guest’s furry friends waiting back at their home.

The result? Personalized cookies, featuring each of the cat’s names and their distinctive personalities! The guest was so thankful for the cookies (and we bet the kitties were happy, too) that he took pictures of the cookies and sent them to his wife!

Thank you Carolyne and Krishan for continuing to put people first, one of Marriott’s five core values!