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Above and Beyond: Evren’s Story

JW Marriott Absheron Baku

The moment an associate puts on their name badge, they know their job extends beyond the walls of their property or office. And at any given time, Marriott International has hundreds of thousands of associates working to make guests’ experiences as close to perfect as humanly possible. A great example of this is from the JW Marriott Absheron Baku, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Recently, the hotel’s Guest Relations Supervisor, Evren Rahimov, had a pleasant encounter with a long-staying guest – Mr. Dale C. – in the hotel’s elevator. Checking on Mr. Dale’s experience while staying at the hotel, Evren learned the guest was homesick, as he was thousands of miles away from home and had been away for nine days with another week to go. Thinking of how best to elevate the guest’s spirits, Evren asked the chef to prepare a local treat – an “Absheron” cake – and have it sent to the guest’s room, along with a handwritten card with his warmest of wishes.

Following the gesture, Mr. Dale wrote a note to thank Evren for his kind gesture, sharing how it had lifted his spirit and made him smile. The guest also sent a photo of the cake and the card to his children, Amy and Max, who asked their father to thank Evren on their behalf.

Learning of Amy and Max, Evren decided the two children deserved some special treats, too! And so, Evren prepared a package of thrilling items for Mr. Dale to take home, including a model souvenir of an Azeri mugham trio (national musical ensemble), two key chains with Qiz Qalasi (The Maiden Tower – Symbol of Baku), gift-wrapped bundle of candies, and a personalized letter for Amy and Max, which shared information about Azerbaijani music and musical instruments as well as captivating history of the Maiden Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mr. Dale and his children were so overwhelmed with Evren’s above-and-beyond gesture, Mr. Dale and his daughter plan to visit the hotel so she, too, may experience Azerbaijani culture.

Creating unforgettable experiences, while sharing the local culture with guests, is exactly for what Marriott International associates strive.

Thank you, Evren, for making the experiences of our guests better!