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Associate Appreciation Week in Review: Part 2

In addition to fun celebrations during Associate Appreciation Week, many of the week’s events focused on two big themes: TakeCare and Global Unity. These themes embrace what make each of our associates genuinely unique, provide opportunity for personal fulfilment, growth and happiness, and value the differences each of our co-workers provide.

Easily the most popular way to get involved in TakeCare was by joining one of the many fitness activities offered by different properties. These activities included everything from Zumba to soccer, and belly dancing to arm wrestling. The Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center, Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel, Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, W Retreat Koh Samui, Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel, The Westin Cape Town, Le Méridien N’Fis, and Sheraton Hanoi Hotel are just a few examples of properties that went all out for the wellbeing of their associates.

Metaphorically speaking, our differences are like a puzzle. Each piece is needed to make the puzzle whole. The Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan brought this metaphor to life through a competitive game where teams had to collect puzzle pieces during sport, logic, and speed activities. At the end, they had a complete puzzle with a message saying, “The Power is in the Unity.”

A simple and enjoyable way to share our heritage with others is through food, dance, music and dress. We have seen so many great stories of associates doing this and want to share just a few from Associate Appreciation Week. The Westin Rusutsu Resort shared 12 globally-famous desserts as part of their “Feel Well Global Unity” project, including Eierschecke from Germany, Sachetorte from Austria, a brownie from the U.S., mango pudding from China, and sticky rice pudding from Japan. The ladies and gentlemen from the Al Wadi Desert, Ras Al Khaimah, a Ritz-Carlton Partner Hotel donned their national attire and shared a traditional dinner where more than 34 nationalities were represented. Lastly, the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel organized a small pageant of international beauty. Associates presented their dress, showed important icons, and talked about the best part of their culture.

It’s great being part of a company that encourages us to take care of ourselves and celebrates each other!