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Awards of Excellence: Randy Rivera

The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi

It’s Associate Appreciation Week at Marriott International! We have over 675,000 associates that wear a Marriott badge worldwide, which is really something to be proud of. This week we are going to celebrate five of our best associates who were honored at the Awards of Excellence this year.

“Every day is a good day to come to work!” Randy Rivera just can’t stay away from The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi in Malaysia. Nearly every day he finds a way to be at the hotel helping to serve guests. He hates to miss an opportunity to help create treasured memories.

He finds energy in his role as Recreation Coordinator, leading a team that cares for the hotel’s beachfront, pool grounds and the guests who visit there. After 20 years at the hotel, he loves that no day is the same and enjoys whatever challenges come his way.

On a particularly busy afternoon during peak season, a guest lost her wedding ring. She was quite upset but could not remember where it came off — on the beach or in the water. Staff at the hotel had searched the beach for more than an hour. Randy wasn’t deterred. He put on his snorkeling gear and searched the reef for the missing ring until he found it hooked on a piece of coral. He says, “I really didn’t mind searching for hours. I just wanted to make the guest happy!”

Randy takes his role as caretaker of the beach very seriously. After the tsunami of 2004, the coral reef just beyond the hotel’s beach suffered significant damage. Randy helped lead a team of scientists and hotel associates to develop the Coral Conservation Project. Believed to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the project includes a coral nursery, artificial reef models and a marine-life laboratory. All are open to guests and locals to learn more about the coral reef. Randy has also helped create an educational program for nearby university students to participate in the rehabilitation of the reef.

Christian Metzner, General Manager at The Andaman, believes it’s Randy’s positivity and passion for the job that sets him apart. He says, “Randy makes lasting impressions on his guests. They ask for him by name and keep coming back to our hotel because of the connections he makes with guests.”