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Breath of Fresh Air

Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center

“Take a deep breath. Can you feel the relaxation sinking in?”

Those were the final words before the traditional “Namaste” concluded a yoga class for 15 associates of the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center, which is owned and managed by Centro Comercial Portugal S.A. The session was yet another activity in the property’s push towards building stronger connections among their associates.

Taking advantage of the beautiful light that shines on the property in the early morning hours, associates enjoyed an unforgettable and healthy team-building exercise on the yoga mats and beyond. In addition to the yoga class, associates practiced breathing exercises and strength circuits in the gym. They concluded the morning’s activities with a heart-healthy breakfast together.

The property believes whole-heartedly in the TakeCare initiative and the role it can play in fostering collaboration and deepening the relationship among all associates. It´s the key to achieving our goals.

These sessions were a big hit with associates and will continue to be a regular part of the property’s TakeCare and fitness programs.