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Calm Under Pressure

Hurricane Irma put quite a stress on many, especially those dealing with their first hurricanes. For a Pompano Beach resident, the evacuation process proved difficult, but the assistance from associates at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel made the situation far more bearable.

On the road and headed towards safety, Toni and her husband called the hotel frantically to book a room, looking to stay close to her sister and her family who already took up residence at the property. While on the line, her husband’s phone died. She quickly called back on her own phone, fearing her call and potential reservation was lost. Her fear disappeared as Marshal, the same front desk associate she had spoken to, picked up and assured her that a room had been reserved for her. When they arrived, Marshal was there to provide them a warm welcome.

She made sure to applaud the associates for their hospitality, patience, and warmth toward every guest. She also made sure to point out the fine work by Steven (valet), Chantal (restaurant manager), and Johnny (waiter), in addition to Marshal at the front desk.

Great job to everyone at the property.