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Cleaning that Dirty Water

In Boston, they’re known to “Love that Dirty Water,” but associates from the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel, owned by Chesapeake Lodging Trust and managed by The Procaccianti Group, wanted to clean their water up. With the property located on the banks of the Charles River, the environmentally-friendly associates expressed interest in keeping it clean and healthy.

Associates formed a team of 18 volunteers and joined the Charles River Watershed Association one evening in July to canoe around the river and pull out invasive water chestnuts. The water chestnut is well-established in the Charles River and forms dense, impenetrable mats at the water’s surface. In turn, this blocks sunlight from reaching other native vegetation and fish populations.

The volunteers filled more than 100 barrels of water chestnuts to keep them from choking out the lily plants and entangling the wildlife in the water. This fun, environmental activity ended with a wet group of volunteers enjoying a picnic supper and plenty of funny stories about the muddy water and those prickly water chestnuts!