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Engineers to the Rescue

Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel

The Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel (owned by Wigan Holding Company, managed by Flushing Center Management) recently received a note from a guest thanking the entire hotel, but particularly Eduardo and Alfred of the engineering team.

Due to the health condition of the author’s wife, they must travel with their own wheelchair. When they picked it up at baggage claim, one of the handlebars was broken. The airport staff wasn’t able to do anything to help or fix the situation. They shared their story with Sheraton’s front desk staff when they checked in, and engineers were called in within 20 minutes to assess the damage. They brought the chair to their workshop, and quickly returned it back to the owner—new and improved, and fully functioning.

In the guest’s own words, “Our trip was salvaged! We ended up having a memorable trip and we are extremely thankful for Eduardo and Alfred, who were very understanding, kind, generous of their time and willing to help, even though it was very late at night.”

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