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Fulfilling Dreams

The Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City

Polvo de Hadas, which translates to “Fairy Dust” in English, is an organization in Mexico that works with the Instituto Nacional de Pediatria Hospital to bring joy and happiness onto children who are diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. They seek to make the children and their families lives more comfortable by giving gifts to children, providing clean clothes and food, and are looking forward to opening business opportunities within the hospital for parents with children staying long-term to work and earn money while they are away from their jobs.

The Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City began “making dreams come true” with Polvo de Hadas in 2016. Recently they welcomed six children by throwing them a party: they had an unforgettable banquet honoring them, and gave them each the toy from the top of their wish list, such as a bike or an iPad. The generous gifts were made possible because of the money raised through modest bake sales that associates participated in.