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Local Love

Skopje Marriott Hotel

The Skopje Marriott Hotel hosted the Companies Doing Good initiative organized by the Association for Research, Communications and Development ‘Public’, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Skopje Marriott is not only the host and a partner of the forum and picnic, but they developed their own model for corporate social responsibility, which they put into effect at the forum and picnic. Their goal is to lower their carbon footprint and urban pollution, and they do so by using mostly locally produced products during their events, encouraging alternative means of transport, and reducing paper use.

The Skopje Marriott Hotel again displayed their model by encouraging participants to cycle or walk to the locally sourced picnic in the city park. Finally, the participants did some good at the event by to planting trees in the park. Marriott’s regional team and participants of the forum worked with the Municipality of Skopje to choose the best location to plant 70 trees – a lasting gift that all park visitors will enjoy for years to come.