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Le Meridien Kochi

Aside from a glass of wine, nothing pairs better with dinner than some musical entertainment. Le Méridien Kochi wanted to bring a musical element to their own restaurants, but not in the traditional way. Rather than hire popular local acts, they partnered with the Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged (SRVC) to find their talent.

When it comes to music, the visually challenged are actually prone to better listening skills. So while they aren’t able to read music like others, they are able to memorize and, through practice, perfect their music. SRVC has brought together talented musicians from across the state and formed “Heart2Heart,” an orchestra exclusively by the visually challenged.

Through the property’s partnership with SRVC, three members of the Heart2Heart group have been contracted to play in the lobby and restaurant during the evenings. The three musicians play a combination of the guitar, flute, and tabla (a member of the drum family) to entertain guests with Bollywood numbers.

It’s a win-win for all and a treat that guests have been raving about.