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Keeping It Green

The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu

The integration of horticultural therapy and therapy gardens within health and human service agencies has grown exponentially in recent years, particularly within organizations, schools, institutions, and training centers that serve individuals on the autism spectrum. One such agency is the Chengdu Autism Training Center in China, an autism spectrum disorder treatment facility.

That’s why the Ladies & Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu in Sichuan, China, recently spent the day taking care of the center’s greenhouse plants: to help ensure the plants remained  beautiful, while continuing to offer the children a welcome break from the facility environment.

For the Ladies & Gentlemen, it was a wonderful way to give back to their local community. For the center and the children, the benefit.

This is an example of how associates across Marriott International work together to help Nurture Our World and Sustain Responsible Operations, two integral parts of Marriott’s sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction.