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Youth empowerment, specifically through education and job training, is a key element of our corporate social responsibility mission. On May 18th, Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand attended and presented at the opening of the Marriott Pre-Vocational Hospitality School at the Yaowawit Lodge in Kapong, Thailand.

The Yaowawit School provides 145 orphaned children from rural areas of Southern Thailand, aged 3-18, with a home and a holistic education. The Marriott Pre-Vocational Hospitality School will offer “project based learning,” which allows Marriott managers to train children at the school and allows children to come to the hotel for hands-on training.

This is the first time the Thai education system has recognized this as certified training, and this new “Marriott model” will begin to be used in 400 vocational training schools around Thailand. In addition to hands-on training and education, Marriott hotels will pay the monthly salary of the hospitality school manager who lives on site at the orphanage, provide teaching materials, cover the cost for managers to teach every two weeks, and cover the cost of children visiting and doing internships. Marriott hotels also support the school by selling the “Yaowawit Lemongrass Spa” products made from the on-site lemongrass farm located at the Yaowawit Agriculture Academy.