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Lip Sync Battle

Marriott & Marriott Executive Apartment, Abu Dhabi

Nothing brings your team closer than performing in front of a large crowd. For the teams at Marriott Hotel and Marriott Executive Apartments Downtown Abu Dhabi, they joined together for an unforgettable night of lip sync battles to raise money for Al Jalila Foundation.

Talent was on display as each team hand-selected their choice of music and attire. Teams were assembled by department, with acts ranging from solo, to duets, to large groups. With a panel of four judges to evaluate the dynamic performances, each act was graded on their outfits, energy, and originality.

There were eight total performances for the night and the competition was fierce. In the end, a duo from the engineering team took home the crown with their a stirring rendition of a Tom Jones classic.

The event ultimately raised 2,104 AED (approximately $600) for Al Jalila Foundation. and looks like it could be the beginning of a great tradition!