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Neighborhood Cleanup

Courtyrad By marriott world trade center , AbuDhabi

Though National Housekeeping Week is a time for recognition and appreciation, the housekeeping team at the Courtyard by Marriott World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi, didn’t stick around for the celebration. Instead, they took to the streets to help clean them up and spread awareness for Marriott International’s commitment to the community.

Twenty of the team’s housekeepers spent two hours cleaning up everything from empty cups to cigarette butts off of 5th Street and a local car park. They were able to make a huge difference in the areas’ cleanliness and spread the good word of Marriott, all at once.

They were thrilled to celebrate their own week of appreciation by making a difference in their community. Based on their enthusiasm following the event, it sounds as if this will be the first cleaning day of many.