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One Person’s Trash, Another’s Treasure

Sheraton Ambassador Hotel

Over the past year, associates from the Sheraton Ambassador Hotel in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, have been collecting used newspapers throughout the hotel and donating them to the non-profit animal protection association PRODAN (pro-animal defense).

PRODAN, together with the veterinarian group, Villalobos, offer a variety of services for animal care ranging from vaccinations and operations to fostering and adoption.

The newspaper donated by the associates provide materials to over 40 volunteers, as well as the Villalobos institution itself, and support the hygienic needs of over 300 animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, among others – in their care.

And because PRODAN and Villalobos need this material year-round, the associates always have a place to send the used newspapers – a great alternative to just throwing them away!

This is a great example of how associates across Marriott International work together to help Sustain Responsible Operations, an integral part of Marriott’s sustainability and social impact platform, Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction.