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Open-Door Policy

The Courtyard by Marriott Houston Northwest/Cypress has been a resource to those in need during and after Hurricane Harvey.

The hotel provided free lunches, ice cream for the kids staying at the hotel, and discounted all other means to help take guests minds off the devastation.

The hotel also waived their “No Pet” policy to provide evacuees an outlet for themselves and their pets. In addition, the hotel offered free laundry and folding service to victims of the flood, local residents to park their mobile homes in the hotel’s parking lot, and opened their doors to associates to stay at the property to help start the recovery process.

Not only did the hotel look after their guests and each other, the hotel also donated clothing to local shelters, while many associates volunteered locally immediately after their shifts. And all the associates worked tirelessly to ensure the hotel and its guests were well taken care of.

Later in the week, associates went into surrounding neighborhoods to help people remove items from their homes that were damaged by water. They also handed out fresh water and snacks to the people as they began the recovery process.

This property has truly taken Marriott’s Spirit to Serve to heart. It will be a long road to recovery for most but it is heart-warning to know they will not have to do it alone.