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Real Big Wheels

We’ve seen bike rides and runs for a cause, but there’s one event in Canada that is bigger than all of those—literally. Associates from the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto participated in an event called “Big Bike.” This event isn’t about a race though; instead, it’s an opportunity to ride one enormous bicycle for a great cause—the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

It’s simple in theory, but it’s harder than it looks. Teams of 29 hop on one big bike and take their turn riding it around the city. The course is around 2km long, but it’s no picnic getting that big bike moving. The Courtyard team, consisting of 18 associates, set a fundraising goal of $1,500 but blew that total out of the water as they raised a total of $3,840 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

It’s amazing to see the energy it took to make this all happen, from the fundraising to the actual bike ride. Associates had such a great time that they look forward to participating again next year.