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Sheraton Go Beyond: Adriana Gawina

Sheraton Grand Krakow

Sheraton’s #GoBeyond campaign highlights the actions of associates who go above and beyond for their customers and their colleagues. Their 11th story in this campaign features Adriana Gawina, a Group & Events Coordinator / Wedding Champion at the Sheraton Grand Krakow.

While Adriana plans many types of events, her favorites are weddings. She loves meeting and learning about her clients from around the world so that she can help make their big day unique to them. When she isn’t working, she really enjoys reading because it expands her imagination: “Reading lets me live another life – my life is pretty interesting but sometimes you just need to jump somewhere else, you know? To escape. When you choose a book, you are choosing where you are going, what kinds of people you are going with, and what emotions you want to feel at a particular time.”

One of her favorite Go Beyond moments was when she was helping a couple with their wedding plans and they wanted to come up with a creative way to merge their two cultures. Here is what she has to say:

“The lady was Polish, and was getting married to a Nigerian man. So two very different cultures that we needed to create one stylish solution for. It wasn’t easy at first. We decided to create a buffet with two parts – a Polish buffet and a Nigerian one. I got recipes from the groom’s mom, and our chef prepared traditional Nigerian dishes. The groom commented how one of the dishes tasted exactly how he remembered it as a child. And the mother was so happy, as well. It was amazing to learn about their traditions and to see two different cultures come together in such a beautiful way.”