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Sheraton Go Beyond: Darshani Mudyanselage

Sheraton Oman Hotel

Sheraton’s #GoBeyond campaign highlights the actions of associates who go above and beyond for their customers and their colleagues. Their tenth story in this campaign features Darshani Mudyanselage, a Lifeguard at the Sheraton Oman Hotel.

Darshani, originally from Sri Lanka, has been with the Sheraton Oman as a lifeguard for about 6 months. Her move to Muscat was the first time she’d left her home country, and she was admittedly homesick when she first arrived. She only knew a little bit of English, but quickly picked up new words. She’s found that she has a lot to talk about with her fellow associates and guests visiting the hotel!

A Go Beyond moment for Darshani came when there was a family visiting the hotel, and she noticed that their child was shy and didn’t feel confident playing with the other children.

“I could tell that he liked me. Some babies like to play with water guns, but this child didn’t want those. I save most of my money and send it to my parents in Sri Lanka—I don’t spend it on myself. But I went out to the Souk and bought this child little toy pails in different colors. People ask me why I did this, and it’s because money doesn’t matter to me. The toys made him happy. He played with his toys so that his mother could rest and relax.”