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Sheraton Goes Beyond: AL Balushi Saleh

Sheraton Oman Hotel

Sheraton’s #GoBeyond campaign highlights the actions of associates who go above and beyond for their customers and their colleagues. Their 13th story in this campaign features AL Balushi Saleh, a concierge at the Sheraton Oman Hotel.

Saleh prides himself on providing guest recommendations based on his own first-hand experiences. He’s always looking for new places to visit so he can make the most informed recommendations.

For example, Saleh often has guests who want to drive into the desert. However, even though he is a local from Muscat, he had never done it. So he took it upon himself to go beyond and take on the experience for the benefit of his guests.

What Saleh didn’t know was that in order to drive in the sand you have to deflate your tires, or you’ll get stuck. “I didn’t know that in order to drive in the same I would have to deflate my tires, or else I would get stuck. I was able to stop another local who asked me if I had reduced the pressure of my tires. I asked him why I would have to do that, and he said, ‘How on earth are you going to drive in the desert without reducing tire pressure?’ It took all day for me to get my car out. So now every time a guest wants to go to the desert, I tell them what happened to me. Guests have told me repeatedly that they would either have not known or forgotten to reduce their tire pressure had it not been for my story.”

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