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Sheraton Goes Beyond: Leonard Gillett

On April 3rd, Sheraton launched their Global “Go Beyond” campaign. This new marketing campaign on Sheraton.com highlights the actions of associates who go above and beyond for their customers and for each other.

In the first #gobeyond spotlight, Heart of the House spoke with Leonard Gillett, a Sheraton Grand Los Angeles associate in his 43rd year at the property

“My personal ‘Wow’ moment was receiving a call from a guest inquiring about tickets to the [NBA Franchise Los Angeles] Lakers. That guest was having a difficult time finding great seats, so we went to work and found the tickets he was looking to buy. During the conversation about the tickets, I discovered that he was also trying to obtain a DVD copy of a Lakers TV special that was airing that same day, but the guest would not be able to watch live since he was traveling. I told him I would see what I could do for him – I was aware of the DVD and asked if he would leave his address so I could send it if I found it. I was able to obtain a complimentary copy through my contacts with the Lakers, and I mailed it out to him. He returned to the hotel a few weeks later and thanked me in person. He presented me with a ‘Thank You Card’ and clip of a posting he made on Trip Advisor, as well as a gift of appreciation for my service.”