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Sheraton Goes Beyond: Piotr Żmuda

Sheraton Grand Krakow

Sheraton’s #GoBeyond campaign highlights the actions of associates who go above and beyond for their customers and their colleagues. Their 14th story in this campaign features Piotr Żmuda, a bellboy at the Sheraton Grand Krakow.

Piotr has worked at the Sheraton Grand Krakow for six years. Knowing a desk job was not for him, Piotr shines in his position as a bellboy which allows him to engage with guests, meet people from around the world, and be outside. Born and raised in Krakow, he loves the city, but his favorite thing to do when he’s not working is to enjoy the outdoors and hike in the beautiful mountains.

One of Piotr’s more memorable Go Beyond moments was when a woman from California came to Krakow to seek out some long-lost relatives. Not entirely sure where to start, Piotr offered to help her. Here is what he has to say:

“I searched for clues as to where her extended family could be. I finally tracked them down in a tiny village a few hours away, and she went to visit them. When she got back, she was very emotional, and I remember the face she made when she smiled. She comes back to visit us often, and we have become friends.”

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