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Strokes of Creativity

At the Marriott Hotel Al Forsan, Abu Dhabi, diversity isn’t just an idea, it’s a way of life. Associates at the property represent 55 different nationalities from all continents, so to celebrate their cultural differences, the property offered their crew of “Art Masters” an opportunity to redesign their employee dining room, called the Pit Stop.

The “Art Masters,” comprised of Argam, Masaki, Pooja, Asela, and Sankesh, all maintain full-time associate positions and completed this in their free time. They wanted to create a space space that associates of all nationalities could connect to while also infusing a modern twist to inspire the young team.

What they decided on were different design elements for each of the four walls in the room. The flower wall was designed to honor the United Arab Emirates culture; the henna wall was inspired by their Asian hosts; and the doodle wall simply made everyone laugh. Of course, they could not forget to remind their hosts about the TakeCare program, designing a diagram with some helpful tips on how to plan meals and stay fully energized throughout the day.

Though they don’t have any plans to extend this design into the guest areas, many HR teams from other properties have been inspired by the idea and plan to adopt their own twist within their properties.