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Going Up

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Going up? Forget the elevator and take the stairs! That’s exactly what associates at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta did as part of their TakeCare: Go Healthy initiative. The “Vertical Jog,” as they like to call it, took 30 associates from several departments from the emergency exit staircase at the ground level all the way to the roof—37 floors up!

The challenging run was chosen by a TakeCare champion with the purpose to refresh associates’ awareness of hotel emergency exit routes while providing a workout focused on cardio and lower body fitness. The participants definitely felt the burn, but the view from the top was well worth it.

This program is one of many TakeCare activities at the hotel, including Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Morning Run and Night Run around the hotel area.

As we say at Marriott, “TakeCare. Go Healthy. Go Be Happy.”