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Taking Early Initiative

Sheraton Hoi An Tam Ky Resort & Spa

Giving back to local communities is an essential piece of the Marriott culture. For associates at the Sheraton Hoi An Tam Ky Resort & Spa in Vietnam, they didn’t want to wait for their property to open its doors to start contributing.

To demonstrate their commitment to impacting local communities, they organized three separate fundraisers. The first, called “Drink for Love,” had the team set up an in-house coffee shop to serve associates, contractors, and the owner. The second, called “Photo for Love,” helped capture pre-opening memories for associates through professional photographs. The photos taken by a dedicated photographer were sold to associates in return for a donation. The third, called “Fair for Love,” created a flea market-style atmosphere where associates turned their unwanted household items into charitable donations.

All of their proceeds ($800) were used to renovate the Ngo May Primary School located 3km away from the resort. Congratulations to the team for already making a noticeable impact in their community!