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The Building of “Bee Hill”

The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa

Innovation always starts with a thought, conversation, or great idea. The making of Bee Hill was one of those dynamic thoughts that was born organically from conversation between Executive Chef Joseph Natoli and longtime omelet chef, Matthew Sanchez, of the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa.

Chef Matt joined the local Bee Keepers Association, read the Bee Keepers Bible, and enrolled himself in the University of Florida’s Master Beekeepers program. This August, Chef Matt introduced his first colony of the Linguistica Bees to the property. Chef Matt has been nurturing the bees ever since and helped them survive their first winter and hurricane.

This past May, Chef Matt spun his first frames, and the highly anticipated honey had an amazing flavor profile that pleased fellow associates and guests alike. In that moment, Chef Matt gave new meaning to the property’s efforts in farm-to-fork culinary.

Today, Chef Matt’s bee population has tripled in size with close to nine thriving colonies and more forming by the day. Chef Matt has truly embraced this culinary concept and brought Bee Hill to life.