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The Gestures That Count

Marriott Executive Apartments Downtown, Abu Dhabi

We have not one, but two special stories to share about some helpful housekeepers at Marriott Executive Apartments Downtown, Abu Dhabi.

Everybody knows you can’t pack everything you own with you on your trips. This was particularly evident to Bibas, a housekeeping attendant who noticed a guest using a towel as a makeshift yoga mat. Without a second thought, Bibas made a stop by the spa to pick up a yoga mat for the guest. The mat was left in the guest’s room with a personalized note, to which the guest was extremely grateful for and left her own glowing note in return.

Another housekeeping attendant, Sarita, has been recognized for finding unique, personal ways to go above and beyond for her guests. She has become a favorite amongst guests, especially those with young children, as she frequently surprises them by arranging their toys in a particular form or setup. The children are eager to come home now, after school, and even leave their own personal requests for these setups.

It doesn’t take a lot to make an impression on a guest. Just a little extra thought and consideration.