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Wallingford’s Mighty Ducks

Wallingford Courtyard

Not only do guests love the Courtyard New Haven Wallingford, so do the local ducks! In fact, they’ve taken up residence in the outdoor courtyard for so many years, the hotel staff have come to treat them as unofficial mascots.

As the snow melts each winter and spring approaches, Courtyard New Haven Wallingford associates get excited for the arrival of baby ducklings. Mallards often return to the same nesting grounds year after year, and this mother duck has found the Courtyard in Wallingford, Connecticut, to be a very safe place to raise her family of ducklings each spring and summer.

The ducks of Wallingford enjoy free room and board, and associates can often be seen putting food outside for the “family”. The guests also love them, with one even asking if the property can invite them back for her wedding next year! They have become an annual tradition and a part of the Courtyard New Haven Wallingford family.