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Loyalty rewards loyalty, and there’s no better example of that than at the Doha Marriott Hotel. Over the past month, associates held three separate celebrations for some very special and loyal guests.

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Vicky Ann were guests at the Doha Marriott Hotel since 2014, but with Mr. Richard retiring and heading back home, the couple had to say goodbye. Mr. Hutchinson was a guest over the same time period, but after finishing up his projects in Qatar, it was time to move on. Mr. Scheidel was not saying goodbye, but after four years of staying at the property and 20 years as a Marriott Rewards member, he was more than deserving of a proper celebration.

All three received separate celebrations, each of which was attended by the property’s GM, John S. Louie, and associates from the front office and concierge. The festivities ranged from a low-key party, to an afternoon in the Executive Lounge, to a fiesta at their Tex-Mex restaurant, Salsa.

Each guest received a heart-felt thank you from Mr. Louie, a card signed by the entire staff, and of course, a personalized cake. They couldn’t thank the staff enough for the impromptu celebrations and will never forget their stay at the Doha Marriott Hotel.

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